"Wakikai" is formed from the Aikido Club, member of the Sports Association of Osaka University of Foreign Studies("OUFS Aikido Club"), the OB and OG Gathering of the OUFS Aikido Club("OUFS Wakikai"), and the Club "Toyonaka Wakikai".

"Toyonaka Wakikai" has as its roots the practice gathering of "OUFS Wakikai".

The Aikido Club of Osaka University of Foreign Studies was founded in 1962. The club received instruction from Master Hirokazu Kobayashi(passed away in August 1998) and until 1970 had Professor Oi from the English Section as its President. From 1970, Professor Isao Tsukamoto from the Korean Section accepted the position of Club President. The Professor also participated the Aikido practice and recently received the degree of 3 Dan. In 2000, professor Tsukamoto made his retirement. Since then, Professor Shigeharu Nomura is president of the club.


The "OUFS Wakikai" was founded in 1985 aiming to promote the mutual friendship of its members and also to support the OUFS Aikido Club. "OUFS Wakikai" has its general meeting every year in February.

"Wakikai" was recognized by the Aikikai Federation in 1997, being recommended by Master Hirokazu Kobayashi. It is then a still young filial of the Aikikai Federation.

Every autumn, we participate to the "Aikido Study Gathering of Kansai region", to which Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba is invited. There are few occasions to receive direct instructions from the Doshu in Kansai and we consider this a good chance. Many Aikido practicants from every part of the Kansai region fill the dojo and train together in harmony.

Every year in May, we participate the "All-Japan Aikido Demonstration Gathering " at the section of "dojo demonstration". In the morning after, we attend the Hombu Dojo Training and receive instruction from Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba.

Degree examinations are held in March, June, September and December.

Aiming at the mutual friendship of the members, every year a "Somen-noodle Party" is held in June and a "New Year Party" is held in January.

Every year on December 31, we hold a "New Year's greeting " training session. Participation is optional. We greet the New Year by sweating a good deal in the cold.


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